Long Covid

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Official Policies & Reports

A clinical case definition of post COVID-19 condition by a Delphi consensus
WHO, October 21
Guidance on “Long COVID” as a Disability
US Department of Health & Human Services, July 21
Pamela S. Karlan: Coordinated Civil Rights Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The US Department of Justice, April 21
WHO Policy Brief 39: In the wake of the pandemic – Preparing for Long COVID
WHO, February 21
Department of Health & Social Care, ONS: Direct and Indirect Impacts of COVID-19 on Excess Deaths and Morbidity – Nov 2020 Update; UK Government, January 21
The prevalence of long COVID symptoms and COVID-19 complications
Office for National Statistics (ONS), December 20
COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing the long-term effects of COVID-19
NICE, December 20

Medical Studies & Articles

Liji Thomas: Factors predicting cognitive symptoms in long COVID
News Medical Life Sciences, November 21
D. Hilfiker, F. Bassani: Long Covid: Es gibt Hoffnung auf Heilung
SRF, November 21
S. Kuster: 3300 Mitarbeitende im Gesundheitssektor auf Long Covid untersucht…
Tagblatt, October 21
Long-COVID und Post-COVID – Langzeitfolgen einer COVID-19-Erkrankung
Zusammen gegen Corona, October 21
S. Berg: What doctors wish patients knew about long COVID
AMA, October 21
A. Davis: What is the latest advice on long COVID symptoms and treatment?
Patient, October 21
C. Werber: People struggling with long COVID are more common than we think
WEF, October 21
Was wir über Long-COVID wissen
Helmholtz, October 21
M. Taquet et al.: Incidence, co-occurrence, and evolution of long-COVID features: A 6-month retrospective cohort study of 273,618 survivors of COVID-19, Plos, September 21
What is Long COVID? A Doctor and Patients Explain
CMMB, September 21
C. Schneider: Hoffnung für Millionen Betroffene Deutsche Ärztin heilt erstmals Long-Covid
Focus, September 21
Long COVID in Deutschland: Fakten und Zahlen
Long Covid, September 21
Valentine Wanga et al. : Long-Term Symptoms Among Adults Tested for SARS-CoV-2, United States, January 2020–April 2021; MMWR, September 21
Lixue Huang et al.: 1-year outcomes in hospital survivors with COVID-19: a longitudinal cohort study; The Lancet, August 21
B. Hohberger: Medikament gegen Autoantikörper hilft bei Long COVID
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, July 21
Lisa Duhm et al.: Die stille Seuche- Wird Long Covid zur neuen Volkskrankheit?
Der Spiegel, July 21
D. Menges et al.: Burden of post-COVID-19 syndrome and implications for healthcare service planning: A population-based cohort study; PLOS ONE, July 21
D. Wall: The Importance of Listening in Treating Invisible Illness and Long-Haul COVID-19
AMA Journal of Ethics, July 21
Sofie Bliddal et al.: Acute and persistent symptoms in non-hospitalized PCR-confirmed COVID-19 patients; Nature Portfolio, June 21
Harald Brüssow, Kenneth Timmis: COVID-19: long covid and its societal consequences;
Environmental Microbiology,  June 21
M. Taquet et. al: 6-month neurological and psychiatric outcomes in 236 379 survivors of COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study using electronic health records; Lancet Psychiatry,, May 21
Mayo Clinic Staff: COVID-19 (coronavirus): Long-term effects;
Mayo Foundation, May 21
S. Berg: Why holistic view is needed to treat COVID-19 long-haul symptoms
AMA, May 21

Effect on Insurance

A. Abrams: How COVID-19 Long Haulers Could Change the U.S. Disability Benefits System
Time, July 21
C. Pomeroy: A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of ‘Long COVID’
Scientific American, July 21
G. Wacker: Corona hinterlässt erste Spuren in der Invalidenversicherung
SRF (Switzerland), July 21
T. Kobel: Invalidenversicherung: Registrierte Fälle von Long COVID nehmen zu
Altea Long Covid Network (Switzerland), July 21
M. Chevalier: COVID-19 und IV
Verband Covid Langzeitfolgen, June 21
P. Egli, et al.: Long Covid – Eine (vorläufige) interdisziplinäre Standortbestimmung
SZS Recht (Switzerland), May 21
Wittig: Covid-19-Spätfolgen: Greift die Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung?
Presseportal (Germany), May 21
Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA): Abgesichert bei Corona: Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung zahlt
Rheinische Anzeigenblätter, April 21
L. Klein: Berufsunfähig wegen Corona – Sorge vor Fall-Wachstum
Pfefferminzia, April 21
Dr. Katharina Dorn: Long-COVID – What Are the Long-term Effects of COVID-19?
Gen Re Cologne, February 21
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